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Buttons & Beads.. or housework...

Jun 5, 2015


Good morrow fair middens.. its friday the 5th of june..

I find it, a difficult decission some mornings on whether I need to do housework, or do wedding work "play" as I call it! I try not to let my house work slip too much...

So, after getting up today I decided that I needed to get some well needed cleaning done in my wee house.. I am ashamed to say I have walked up and down the stairs far too many times with my eyes glued to the skirting boards...as they have a good layer of dust and stoor on them, telling myself "aye I will get that done the mora" and does it get done.. naw!!! So!! today was that day!!! It started well with an early reflexology appointment at www.healthandhealingforall.co.uk which was lovely, and then a wee bit of asda shopping, my five foot pile of iorning.. a buttonhole to make for an early collection tomorrow, and a phone call.. and all before the school run!!!

The afternoon consisted of a wedding collection, a clean bathroom, clean bedrooms, clean windows upstairs, and the skirtings are gleaming!!!! ahah

Tonight I have been busy trying to make a paper plan on wallpaper to prove to my man that the wardrobe I really want will fit in the small space in our bedroom, which is mainly taken up by our massive huge chunky oak bed!!! and guess what... the bugger didne fit!!!! gutted much.. especially as we took ages moving the wardrobe and chest of drawers out of the bedroom to see the floor space!! so its back to the drawing board.. as I am defo not giving up my super king bed, its far too comfy and has loads of room!!!

I have two wrist corsages to finish for another new customer.. one is for a prom the other for a wedding so I am being kept busy!

big hugs dawnie xx