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My hectic wee life!!!

Jun 25, 2015



Its been far too long since Iv had a go on my laptop.. well its actually my fellas.. but whats his is mine!! ahah

Iv had a few.. "I need to spend time with my boys moments" over the past few weeks... and its hard as I absolutely love what I do.. I work part time at Vandella flowers in carlisle, just two days a week, it keeps my hand in at fresh flower work, and most importantly.. keeps me sane!!!!

I love that I can fit my button and bead bouquets inbetween my busy wee life.. I can spend days and nights working away.. at preperation work.. and I try to work at least a month in advance.. Im organized chaos!!!! We are in the middle of building a dividing wall between our property and the others.. My poor man.. hes a manager in a bike shop.. but hes a bloody star and will have a go at owt I ask him to do!! You should see my wee mini garden tool shed he made!! The boy has talent!! and building walls seems to be another..

Anyhow.. this garden.. or should I say jungle/shit tip has taken so much time and effort to get as far as we have already.. the man who owned the house let the garden grow wild.. and the house too.. so we have been working tirelessly between us, and the few unfortunate people we have managed to rope into help!!

We have massive plans for our wee home, ncluding a man cave for my boy (thats what I call my fella) a wee greenhouse, an outdoor run for our tortoise fred, and room for a 10ft frampoline... oh and a fire pit, sitting station and swinging seat... OMG... someone stop me!!!!!! ahaha

As you can probably tell.. my brain never stops revolving..lee's ideas are on par with mine so we are a fab wee team! bless him he even helps me wire up for my bouquets if im a bit under pressure with a last minuite order thats came in.. more often than not hes cleaning and doing the dishes for me!! I ken I have found me a good un!!!

He was in the bath this week and said to me.. "dawnie this bathroom smells of piss.. Iv cleaned the whole of it, even the skirtings which were manky by the way and the plug holes and it still smells.. can you smell it"

So I have a good sniff around.. like you do and nowt.. so Lee gets out the bath, I get in he washes my back and takes himself downstairs.. As Im lying relaxing.. I suddenly start laughing and shout him back upstairs..

"go to the window and smell the stock" I say..

"omg its that fucking piss smell" says lee.. by this time Im in full laughing mode.. and he says what you laughing at..

well I say you have cleaned the whole bathroom, and all it took was a £3.50 bunch of flowers!!!! so the next morning I brought them downstairs hoping he would clean the livingroom but it didne happen.. he put them in the compost bin!!!!

Well its time for me to get a load of washing on.. and think about feeding my wee man who is never full and always hungry!!!

big hugs dawnie x