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Catching up on myself!!

Aug 3, 2015


It has been two months since I last blogged!! A term linked to me I still find a bit strange!!!

My wee life has been crazy busy.. My day job at Vandella has been a bit mad with the wedding season in full flow..

My garden has become full time work, some of it incredibly hard graft.. I took over 40 car loads to Carlisle tip in June alone.. but between us (me and my fella) we now have a fantastic 'fewall'... which is a wall with a fence!! We also have most of the brick work built for the shed (lees man cave) and so much of the garden crap cleared away. One thing is for sure we have alot more hard work ahead of us over the next few years..

and.. buttons and beads.. July has been the busiest month for me so far, with lots of weddings, and even more corsages and buttonholes!! Iv also taken quite a few orders for small combs and fascinators, I should be kept going well into August and September, with what I have booked in already, so Im a happy lassie..

I always have loads of bits and bobs in my stores, some of which are wired up and ready for any last minuite work to come in, which believe it or not happens.. floists seem to be either one of the first or last on the list for brides.. I suppose it depends on how much a girl or fella loves their flowers!! I have always loved flowers, even when I was a kid, I was the one who would get the knife out and cut the stems and arrange them in my mums big crystal vases!! I still love arranging vases in my own house.. but my vases are glass, and cheap ones at that!!

Looking forward to what August brings me and my wee business, and of course my family.. because without them.. there would be nae Dawnies buttons and beads!!

See ya soon.. big hugs Dawnie x