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life.. and buttons..

Nov 14, 2015



Well.. Im still finding it a tad hard to remember to write a blog... Im more of a face book gal!!! I am trying tho.. and it helps that my awesome website man is a mate, and constantly gets on to me about writing more often..

It now November.. and I have finished all my weddings for this year.. unless I get a couple of late incomers!! I have has a fab year with buttons and beads.. I have made some new friends.. and made some fantastic contacts within the wedding industry.. I have picked up some amazing suppliers along the way too.. including a chez glass buttons lady who has some special bits and bobs.. and aother buttons lady who has added me to her VIP group to buy butttons she collects to sell onto us!! I have bought some amazing glass buttons, in different shapes and sizes as well as colour!

I am loving all the interest in my all button and bead bouquets.. I have a fab green, blue and purple one which I am looking forward to showing you all at my fayres next year!! Geen is my sons favourite colour, my fella lee's is blue and mine is purple, so I decided to combine them to create a new bouquet! I have added some absolutely stunning brooches to the bouquet, some are new, and a couple are vintage from a local shop on warwick road, in Carlisle called "desire it".. where I love a good wee ratch!! I made the organza collar with big loops and wrapped the stem in the most gorgeous royal blue satin ribbon with green pins going up the stem, and of course my wee trademark pin flower on the base of the stem!!

Iv also been getting a logo made... omg.. Im so excited about it.. Its by a local Carlisle lady called Helen, from "candy print" and she has made me the cutest business logo ever!!!! We are just going over the final bits and bobs before I get my first set of business cards from her with my new logo and all my details!! If any of you have seen my business cards you will know that they are a bit basic.. but I have glued a button to each and every one of them.. and I am going to follow on this wee tradition to my new cards, which helen designed so that it fits in perfect!! 

So it has been a busy wee few months for dawnies buttons & beads.. and I couldnt be happier that my business is getting more known and reaching further out of Carlisle.. and Im doing my best when it comes to keeping on top of my social networking, and posting when and where I can!!

See ya soon.. big hugs as always dawnie xx