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Wedding season!!!

Aug 27, 2018

  Iys been so so long since I have blogged.. I tend to do the writing in a diary thing.. But I thought I'd let my mad wee followers have a wee update on life as Dawn!!! Well.. it's bang in the middle of wedding season.. And I have had a busy few months of making some of the most amazing bouquets I've ever made.. For some of the loveliest lassies.. Iv took a couple of weeks off my day job to concentrate fully on dawnies weddings.. Paperwork sucks.. But the making doesn't!! And I have lots of making to do!! I'm right in the depths of my latest wedding.. Navy, ivory, creams and a touch of champagne.. The groom wanted himself and his groomsmen to have detailed buttonholes.. Lots of navy, sage green and pearls.. With twisty wire down the stem.. The ladies buttonholes were a larger more blousy rose, and a lot more bling and no sage in them.. The bride and grooms mams.. Are having two beautiful corsages with memory pins in them.. Which set them off beautifully.. I have one bridesmaids to do.. And we haven't yet decided whether it's ivory roses or navy ones.. Im going to have a play and see what my lovely bride prefers!! ... And lastly thw bride.. OMG... it's absolutely stunning.. I finished it on Saturday night around 11pm..(I like to work at night) I ha e kept my bride in the know with constant photos throughout the process.. But I am yet to show her it bound in the satin ribbon.. With the hanging pearls.. So all in all this has been a fab week of work for me.. And its really about time I uploaded some up to date photos for my website.. And concentrated on my etsy page.. Which has been doing so well in recent months!! Well it's 9pm..and I'm at 11% battery on my phone.. I will be back soon.. Hopefully with a hit more crack!! Dawnie